We will help you with the older second hand car

Did you just get married, recently got that first part-time or full-time job, and have just arrived in Australia, and you want to buy that older second-hand car.

But, have you ever experienced the dire strait when you want to borrow the money from the Banks to buy that older second-hand vehicle? The banks turn you down and say no to you because they could not accept the older second-hand vehicle?  The Banks might say No to you also because you might have some credit quality issues, including a few defaults and dishonours; well, @AhaMoney, we will help you look into the nut and bolts of the situation help you to get that car loan. Hence you can drive that first car of yours which you would proudly call the Buddy. 

We will even look into applications that include non-permanent visas, including student visas, working visas and business migrant visas. 

Click apply now button, and we will help you out*.

*Normal lending term and conditions apply