Renovate Your House Beautifully

Percentage of House Renovation in Australia

The inflation figure in Australia had increased exponentially during 2022. The recent statistics in Australia show the CPI or the inflation figures had exceeded 5%. In the United States, the CPI or inflation had increased beyond 8%. Therefore, the renovation cost in Australia has increased dramatically in 2022. Hence it is costly to do the renovation at the moment.

Usually, after you buy a property, most of us will be so excited, wanting to renovate the house to make it more beautiful, warm, and welcoming.

However, then we are hit with the inevitable, which is the cost of renovation is way too high, and at that time, we usually are a bit cash tight, as we had spent most of our money on purchasing the property.

Not to worry, At AHA Money, we offer the rennovation house loan, we will extend a loan of up to $50,000 to renovate your house, and we usually will take a caveat or a second mortgage of your house and extend the loan to you. Hence you would have the cash flow to renovate the home as you want. So talk to us, and let us help you out.