Privacy Policy


At AHA Money we are committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of your personal information. We will comply with the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 (Privacy Act), the Australian Privacy Principles (APPS) referred to in the Privacy Act, and where applicable, the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (CR Code).

This Policy contains information on our management of your personal and credit information as well as our credit reporting policy, including:

  • your right to access the information we hold on you;
  • your right to seek the correction of information that we hold about you;
  • your right to complain about a breach by us of the Privacy Act or the CR Code and how we will deal with such a complaint; and
  • entities to which we may disclose your information.

Personal Information that we collect and hold include:

  1. Identification Information
  2. Contact information
  3. Income information
  4. Credit History information

How do we collect your personal information?

We will always aim to collect your personal information directly from you. If we are unable to do so or need to verify information, we may involve another organisation. For example, we may need to request a credit report from a credit reporting body (CRB) when you apply for a credit facility, or contact your employer or your landlord.

We may obtain personal information through:

  1. Your Application
  2. Supporting documents submitted with your Application (For example Drivers licence, Pay slips, Bank statements, Proof of address, Financial Statements)
  3. Your References
  4. Your Employer
  5. Your Landlord
  6. Government, statutory, regulatory or enforcement bodies
  7. Bank statements from bankstatements.com.au
  8. Organisations we exchange information with to promote our products and services
  9. Brokers or other parties who introduced you to our services
  10. Information related to your consumer creditworthiness from CRBs

Why do we collect your personal information?

We collect, use, hold and exchange your personal information so that we can:

  • Assess your application for credit
  • For internal purposes, including for record-keeping, reporting and analytical purposes
  • Meet our legal and regulatory reporting obligations
  • Ensure your security when visiting our website
  • Any other related purpose referred to in this policy

How long do we keep information about you?

By law, we are required to hold certain information about you, even after you are no longer an AHA Money customer. We may also hold certain information about you if it is needed for a purpose which you are aware of or reasonably expect us to hold the information. When your information is no longer needed or required to be held by law, it will be destroyed or de-identified.

How safe and secure is the information we hold about you?

We take great care with the information we hold about you. Our aim is to ensure that any details are securely protected from misuse, interference and loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We will take reasonable care to make sure that we keep your information in an accurate, complete and up to date manner.

Disclosing your personal information to third parties

We understand and accept our responsibility in relation to your personal information and it will not be disclosed to any third party other than in accordance with this policy. We use personal information to accurately assess your credit suitability in accordance with sections 128 and 129 of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

We may exchange your commercial and consumer credit information with entities listed below to assess an application for consumer or commercial credit, and to manage that credit, including storage of your personal data. In particular, we can obtain credit information about you from a CRB providing both consumer and commercial credit information. (Note: some lenders may refuse you credit if your credit report shows too many enquiries or credit defaults). We may also exchange your personal and credit information with other credit providers for the purposes of assessing your creditworthiness, credit standing, and credit history or credit capacity. You may need to provide certain entities (such as your landlord, accountant or employer) with additional authority to share your personal information under your loan application with us if required.

  • Financial consultants, accountants, lawyers and advisers
  • Any industry body, tribunal, court or otherwise in connection with any complaint regarding the approval or management of your loan (for example if a complaint is lodged about us with an industry body)
  • Trade insurers
  • Credit Reporting Bodies
  • Any person where we are required by law to do so
  • Any of our associates, related entities or contractors
  • Loan management and administration systems and software providers
  • Any overseas and local data storage providers and systems
  • Any referees, including your employer and landlord, to verify information you have provided
  • Any person considering acquiring an interest in our business or assets
  • Any organisation providing online verification of your identity
  • An organisation providing verification of your identity, including on-line verification of your identity
  • Organisations we exchange information with to promote our products and services

Using and sharing your personal information

In addition to the entities listed above, we need to use, and at times, disclose your information in order to provide you with a product or service. We may also receive financial benefits from any referrals.

Other reasons we may need to do so include:

  • Working with other organisations, our affiliated companies (such as EndureGo Services Pty Ltd, EG Home Loan Pty Ltd and EndureGo Tax Pty Ltd), and business partners regarding the promotion or provision of a product or service.
  • Performing administrative and operational tasks: including account management, risk management, systems development and testing, staff training, collecting debts and market or customer satisfaction research.
  • As required by Federal and State laws, regulations, Codes of Practice and external payment systems.

Credit Reporting

If you apply for credit with us, or propose to act as guarantor, we may disclose your personal information to, or collect personal information about you from a CRB. This is because CRBs are allowed to handle personal information relating to credit under the Privacy Act and the CR Code.

For example, we may register with the CRBs any of the following information:

  • any application you make to us as an enquiry
  • if you fail to meet your payment obligations or you commit a serious credit infringement in relation to consumer credit provided by us under your consumer credit contract
  • where your arrears are or exceed $150 for 60 days or more
  • a payment default for the arrears or the full amount due if we chose to accelerate the debt
  • your payment history if you have given us permission to do so

Note: some lenders may refuse you credit if your credit report shows too many enquiries or credit defaults.
NOTE: For more information on credit reporting, please see our Statement of notifiable matters here

Accessing or correcting your personal information or making a privacy complaint

You are able to access or request correction of your private information (including credit-related information) held by us, by sending us a request and proving your identity. You also have rights to make a complaint if you consider that we have not complied with the Privacy Act in relation to this information.

If you want to access your personal data or request a correction, you can contact us at support@ahamoney.com.au. Our team can usually deal with such a request within 14 to 30 days. If for any reason we can’t provide you with access, we will tell you why and attempt to find other ways to help you get access to this information. If we don’t agree that your information needs to be corrected, we will tell you why and what you can do if you are dissatisfied with our response.

If you believe your privacy has been compromised or that we’ve breached the Privacy Act, you are entitled to complain. All you need to do is to get in touch with one of our Customer Care team members on 1300 680 477 to help resolve your complaint. We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. If you are not satisfied with the resolution you get from our Customer Care team, you can have your complaint reviewed by AHA’s Internal Disputes Resolution (IDR) team by emailing us at support@ahamoney.com.au.

If your complaint isn’t satisfactorily resolved, you may access an external dispute resolution service or apply to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). You can contact the OAIC by phone (1300363992), via their website (https://www.oaic.gov.au)  or write to them at: GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001.

Website Privacy

Our website retains the email addresses of people who send emails when purchasing products for the purpose of responding to enquiries. They are stored in a secure database and may be used for marketing purposes by AHA Money in accordance with any and all relevant Federal or State legislation.

You should note that there are risks associated with transmission of information via the Internet in any situation. You should make your own assessment of the potential risks to the security of your information when making a decision as to whether or not you should utilise this site. You should note that our website may contain links or references to other websites to which this Privacy Policy may not apply. You should review the Privacy Policy of each of those websites and assess whether those policies are acceptable to you before using those websites. AHA Money is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by infringements of your privacy, or any other loss incurred through your use of other websites accessible from this website. Although AHA Money will do its utmost to preserve your privacy in accordance with the law, we cannot be held responsible for any privacy breaches by other entities or websites.

Please see our full Website Policy here

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by:

  • Calling or contacting one of our Customer Care team members on 1300 680 477
  • Emailing us at hello@ahamoney.com.au
  • Writing to: AHA Money, Suite 18, Level 2, 6 Holden Street, Ashfield, NSW 2131