How to get a car loan for second-hand car

Do you ever wish you have the money to buy your first car? Whether it is a new Holden, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Kia – Everyone is excited with the thought of buying a car for the first time. But many times, due to financial constraint, and the fear of recking a nice new expensive car, many would choose to buy a second-hand car.

If you have a job and meet the lending assessment, you would usually be able to borrow to buy that new car you always wanted. Many banks and lenders provide those options to the car loan’s products. However, if you are buying a second-hand car, then the prospect of getting a car loan is much lower, as many banks and lenders do not take second-hand vehicle as security.

At AHA Money, we will extend the loan to you if you meet our lending assessment of income and expenses. We will be able to provide an option to you for the car loan to facilitate you to buy that nice second-hand car you always wanted to get for yourself or your love ones. What is more, we will also be able to lend to people on a student visa, working visa, and temporary resident visa. Therefore, if you need a car loan to buy that second-hand car, please come and talk to us, or visit our website at www.ahamoney.com.au.