First-time renting: What you need to know


As a first-time renter, it is a good practice to have a spare digital and physical copies of all the documents. These documents may be phone bills, payslip, identification documents. This will show your landlord that you are an organised person and would potentially be a good tenant.

Know your tenant rights

As a tenant, you have serval basic rights and it is important for you to know. Tenancy rights in Australia is different in each state. Therefore, before you move it is important to know the rights you have in your location. These rights might include, privacy for example, your landlord cannot show up at your place unnoticed. Also, your landlord cannot force you to pay for general repairment or maintenance.

Rental Bond

A rental bond is a security deposit paid at the start of the tenancy. Before you move into your home, the landlord or the agent will ask for a rental bond when you agree to rent a new property which they will send to fairtrading NSW and be terminated by the end of your contract. For most properties, the most a bond can cost is the equivalent of four weeks rent.

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Understand the importance of your property condition report

A condition report is a document that notes the state of the property when you first move in. The document includes detailed information on the conditions of the property. It is important that you carefully go through this document before you sign to check for any irregularities, e.g. if you see damage in the property that is not recorded in the document then you have to not this down.