Coronavirus and you

The coronavirus had caught many people off guard. Many international oversea students are being denied in coming back to Australia, and on 20 February 2020, our Prime Minister Mr Scott Morrision had extended the ban for another one week.

The move, which will see all non-Australian residents barred from entering the country, will keep up to 100,000 international students out of the university for the beginning of the semester.

The consequence of such a ban is that international students can not enter into Australia, and they might not be able to pay the rent or the education fund successfully. Hence if you one of the Oversea International Student being temporarily denied entering into Australia, and need finance to pay for the rent or the education fee. Please come and talk to us, we would be in a position to assist you with the personal loan if you meet the lending assessment criteria.

At Aha Money, not only we accept Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident, but we also accept applications from a student visa, and working visa and working holiday visa, provided you passed the lending assessment test.

Come and talk to us, we would like to help you with our lower interest rate personal loan to help you to overcome the coronavirus.