Car Loan

New or Second Hand Vehicle Loan

If you want to buy that second-hand vehicle, but if the bank says NO to you, as most lenders would not take the second-hand vehicle as security, do come and talk to AHA Money. We will provide a tailored made lending solution to you to allow you to buy that second-hand vehicle or car. We can help you borrow up to $50,000.00 at a competitive and lower interest rate, and our flexible loan term means that we can offer you a loan term of up to 5 years**. Hence it will be easier on your repayment, and therefore you can make your car loan more affordable and lower to pay per month.

Student Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Working Visa Car Loan

If you would like to buy new or second-hand cars, but you are on a temporary student visa, working holiday visa, or working visa, and Banks say NO to you, come and talk to us. At AHA Money, we can offer you a competitive and lower interest rate car loan to allow you to buy that new or second-hand car, and we can help you borrow up to $50,000.00**. Furthermore, our flexible lending term of up to 5 years means that your loan will be more affordable monthly, as the repayment per month will be lower than a two-year or three-year loan term. Hence it will be easier for you to repay the car or vehicle loan.

Credit Impaired Car Loan

At Aha Money, we believe everyone should be able to have a second chance, especially in owning a car. Hence if you have a bad credit history or have been in part 9, or a discharged bankrupt person, and you want to buy that second hand or a new car, come and talk to us, and we will consider your case on a case by case basis. Our credit impaired loan assessor will talk to you and evaluate the credit risk, and if you are satisfied that you would be able to to repay the loan, and also factor into account the car’s value and exit value, we will then consider to extend that car loan to you. 

Are you eligible to apply?

  • You are 18 years or older
  • You are employed or self employed
  • You are paid $500 or more a week into your bank account
  • You have not entered into bankruptcy or part 9 or part 10 agreement within the last 12 months