About Us

Discover why AHA Money is one of the most responsible and caring lenders in Australia!

Our mission

It is to make borrowing as easy and as simple as we can for you. Our goal is not just to derive benefits from lending you the money, but to genuinely help you get the funds you need so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Lower interest rate

Our tiered credit rating package means that we are able to offer a medium loan, with a lower annual interest rate from 24%. We can even cater for borrowers up to $50,000 with our Large Personal Loan lending product.

No early repayment fee

We aim to help you out by keeping our fees as low as possible. We do not have an early repayment fee because we aim to educate people to borrow responsibly, and not to incur unnecessary debt.

Flexible repayment

At AHA Money we value every one of our customers. We believe that everyone has different needs, so we have tailored our services to come up with a lending solution that will specifically meet your needs. Whether you are buying a refrigerator, taking a holiday, paying for the rental bond, or any other financial concerns, we will do our best to provide you with the best solution.

Keep a smile on your employee's face

At AHA Money, we can help you, as an employer, to keep a smile on the faces of your employees. We can help you to provide advance payments to applicants who qualify so that they can get the things they love and to help them to stay motivated in their work environment.

We will be there to help you

We will be there to help ease your financial burden. If you find it is difficult to meet the repayment schedule, please drop us an email in Financial Hardship and we will work with you to find a suitable resolution.